2022, October 19

New Bells and Whistles of the 2023 Freightliner Cascadia


The new Freightliner Cascadia was built to set a new standard for the trucking industry. The basics for this truck are; it is a class 8, heavy-duty truck, featuring between three hundred and fifty to six hundred fifteen horsepower dependent upon the engine, and has a torque capacity of 2215 pounds per foot. Cascadia also boasts advanced aerodynamics and was designed to simplify the maintenance process, allowing the truck to spend more time on the road. Freightliner also allows their customers to decide their truck’s options to essentially have it built how they want it.

Cascadia Build

The engine options for this truck include three Detroit-built engines; the DD13 Gen 5 (375-525 HP, 1250-1850 lb.-ft torque), the DD15 Gen 5 (400-505 HP, 1150-1850 lb.-ft torque), and the DD16 (500-600 HP, 1653-2050 lb.-ft torque). The other two options for this heavy-duty transportation machine are the Cummins X12 (350-500 HP, 1250-1700 lb.-ft torque) and X15 (350-500 HP, 1250-1700 lb.-ft).

The Cascadia’s default build includes the Detroit DT12 transmission, the Detroit DD13 or DD15 engine, and Detroit axels, allowing this truck IPM (Intelligent Powertrain Management). Unleashing IPM on the Freightliner Cascadia assists in fuel economy and peak performance.

Cascadia’s front suspension is a taper leaf build or Hendrickson AIRTEK, the rear suspension is AirLiner®.

Transmission options include:

Manual -

  • Eaton Fuller Advantage® – 9, 10, 13, or 18 speed

Automated Manual -

  • Detroit DT12 On-Highway Series® – 12 speed
    • DT12 – HE
    • DT12 – H
    • DT12 – HL
  • Eaton Cummins Endurant® 12 speed

Automatic –

  • Allison® 3000, 3414, 4000, and 4500 series.

Now that we’ve covered Cascadia’s specs and performance options, let’s take a look at the standard and optional “bells and whistles” for this beast of a truck.

Performance Standard

This truck has many standard features to increase performance. They are built standard with an A-pillar deflector which is designed to assist outside airflow to reduce wind noise and help maintain the cleanliness of the cab’s windows. Also included in standard equipment are tow hook covers, a specially designed sloped hood and grille, mirrors that assist in aerodynamics, advanced insulation to reduce road noise and maintain cabin temps at the driver’s preference, advanced stability control, air disc brakes, braking assist, and adaptive cruise control.

Performance Options

Aerodynamic package, Detroit integrated powertrain, Hendrickson AIRTEK front suspension, Wabco and Bendix® air disc brakes for steer and drive axles, wide base single wheel and tire options, Qualcomm® and PeopleNet® pre-wire packages, TriPac® auxiliary power unit powered by Thermo King®, Wabco® electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS), aerodynamic height control, Michelin X® line energy drive and tires, TufGlass® impact resistant windshield, and a severe duty harness.

Standard Style and Comfort

Cascadia has features that lend to the truck’s style, overall appeal, and driver comfort. These features include covers on the tow hooks, built-in antennas, over-sized seats designed for optimal comfort when driving a long haul, an overhead storage space, an excellent HVAC system with multiple vents allowing for higher airflow at any of its eight blowing settings, an adjustable steering column, a wrap-around dash, controls mounted on the steering wheel for ease of use, and decreasing distraction, power mirrors, rugged three-piece bumper, detachable rain tray, easy rear engine access, all fuses, and circuit breakers are grouped in one location, a five-inch LCD screen instrument cluster, safety suite from Detroit, heated side mirrors.

Optional Style and Comfort

Optional comfort features include exterior and cockpit appearance packages, a battery-powered HVAC system, heated and ventilated seats, Bluetooth radios, twelve or twenty-four-inch side extenders with seals, and a digital dash display. For driver comfort in the sleeper portion of the cab, there is an elite lounge package. This package provides the driver with a murphy bed, dining table, two extra seats that have seatbelts, a mount for a flat-screen TV, and either a 1,500-watt inverter or a pre-wire for an inverter.

Standard Safety Features

Standard safety features include the Detroit Assurance safety suite. Found in this package is active speed intervention which is designed to assist drivers to maintain good driving practices and stay within the speed limit. To help truck drivers be more aware of their blindspots the is a side guard assist that notifies the driver of what they can not see. Active braking assist offers full braking when a pedestrian or vehicle is sensed whether they’re in motion are stationary. Finally, the active lane assists to help drivers stay centered in their lane and alerts drivers if they are drifting out of their lane.

Optional Safety Features

Optional safety features include LifeGuard RollTek® driver and passenger rollover restraint, seat-mounted airbag system, steering wheel airbag, and a driver safety panic button. Also available are safety systems from Detroit which include a driver-facing camera, side guard assists, active lane assist, lane departure protection, and lane keep assist.

Other options include an ultra-lightweight package that offers a lightweight hood, aluminum components, and a specialized battery configuration. Additional lightweight options include a wide-base single drive for tires, horizontal exhaust, and Hendrickson Optimaax® which is a forward tandem axle and a suspension system designed to give a truck better fuel economy and save weight.