Why Kavkaz is Hassle Free?

The dictionary defines “hassle” as an irritating inconvenience – and the logistics business is full of them every day. We have made it a priority to eliminate as many of the hassles as possible. We want your experience with Kavkaz Express to be hassle-free and smooth sailing. Here is a sample of what we’re doing to take the hassles out of moving your cargo.

Digital document management

Gone is the hassle of paperwork. With our new digital document system, you will have full access in real time to all documentation relating to your shipment. POD’s, BOL’s, JI’s or even the scale tickets – are available 24/7 from your computer or phone.

Complete transparency in pricing and billing

We know there is nothing more frustrating than receiving bill and not understanding the charges. It’s a time wasting hassle for everyone involved – you, accounting, accounts payable, and auditing.

With Kavkaz Express, there are never any hidden charges. Never any “miscellaneous” line items. Never any buried charges. The amount agreed to upfront is what you pay. If there are ever any charges incurred out of our control, they will be immediately flagged and explained.

Better Engaged Drivers

Satisfied and happy drivers mean they show up for work on time, deliver on time, and communicate on time. Because we assign drivers to dedicated routes and lanes, they can plan their week, plan their lives, plan their time – all making for a better work experience for them resulting in a better transporting experience for you. We think of our drivers as partners and provide them the support and tools they need to take the hassle out of pick-up and delivery.