Why Kavkaz is Reliable?

Reliability is the measure of delivering on promises and consistently performing over time. Reliability always matters, but in the transportation and logistics business it’s paramount because the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. There is no room for error.

State of the art truck capacity

We have the truck capacity when and where you need it, but that’s still not good enough. To help you track your shipment at every stage we use the world’s most accurate AI dashcam – Motive.

With a click of a link, no matter the time -- day or night, you’ll be able to locate your shipment in real time.

At Kavkaz Express, Safety is of supreme importance. Every driver in our fleet is measured on Safety twice a year. Each driver has their own Safety Score that is monitored.

Overall, Company Safety Rating

Kavkaz Express has earned the highest rating in the trucking industry. We have a Satisfactory rating from the FMCSA which operates under the Department of Transportation.

Instant Communication with driver and Logistics Specialist

Rest assured, for as long as we are hauling your cargo, you will have instant communication with both our driver and the logistics specialist assigned to your business. We believe open and instant communication is vital to building trust and reliability.

One of the youngest fleets in Trucking

If our trucks aren’t running, nothing else much matters. We drive and maintain one of the youngest fleets in the industry today. All of our trucks are 2019 models or later.

On-Time Delivery

Doing what you say and when you promised are the tenants of reliability. In 2021, Kavkaz Express had a 98% on time delivery. One of the highest in all of trucking. If we say it will be there, it will be there.