Why Kavkaz is Trusted?

Trust touches every aspect of business and is the bond that holds business relationships together.

We work with the largest brokers and trucking companies every day

They trust us with their loads, they trust us with their customer’s loads. Over the last 8 years, we have built our reputation by delivering what we promise. Talk is cheap. Action matters.

Customer Satisfaction rating of 92%

With industry averages in the 70’s, Kavkaz has consistently scored higher on customer satisfaction among their owner/operator drivers, brokers, and shippers.

Google Reviews of 4.7 out of 5

Hand in hand with our high customer satisfaction scores, our online Google reviews are just as strong. Consistently scoring higher than competitors. Communication, flawless execution, forward thinking are recuring themes in the reviews.

Complete transparency into pricing and billing

There are never any hidden charges. Never any “miscellaneous” line items. Never any buried charges. The amount agreed to upfront is what you pay. If there are ever any charges incurred out of our control, they will be immediately flagged and explained.

Never sell a load without prior approval

If you hire Kavkaz to deliver a load, you can rest assured Kavkaz will pick up and deliver that load. We won’t ever resell a load without your prior approval. And on those rare occasions when it happens, it will only be do to a capacity or truck issue. We are not in the broker business.